Saturday, January 24, 2009

Annabelle's 1st Birthday Request...

Dear Precious Friends~

I have been so touched to read your ideas and suggestions for ways to celebrate Annabelle's 1st Birthday this Wednesday, January 28th! We have agreed on cupcakes with pink icing and sending balloons to Heaven...simple enough for me to handle but still special celebrating the day that God chose to begin sharing her with us.

So, this is our request...if you have been touched by her life in this past year, I encourage you to bake cupcakes with your children (as Keisa mentioned) or release balloons to her, too! I would love to see the impact that she has had on your life! If you would take a picture and email it to me at, I would love to share them on this blog and print out to hold onto and add to her scrapbook.

My heart is broken missing her so much but yet so overjoyed at the realization of the difference her life has made in this world! I look forward to sharing her special day with you and your family...knowing that friends all across this world are wishing her a very Happy 1st Birthday!

With gratitude and hope~ Rebecca


jan tompkins said...


We definitely will remember Annabelle on Wednesday. Will make sure to send a photo of our remembrance. Thanks for including us. She truly has touched many lives.

With love and God's Blessings....

Kacy said...

Oh, Rebecca!! I'm thrilled to read this tonight! McCanless, Mary Clare and I already bought items from the grocery store this week to have our own birthday celebration for sweet Annabelle! (It was also my intention to photograph our celebration and send you photos!) She is such an inspiration and has touched so many. I have no doubt that this will be a huge celebration across the world!

Our Family said...

Oooohhh...the kids will LOVE to release some balloons for Annabelle and Luke to play with in heaven. Will send you a pic! God bless you this week and always. I will be praying for you. I am sure you'll get a phone call, too!


Mimi said...

Pink Cupcakes it is!!! What a wonderful legacy you have made for sweet annabelle. The bow we received in our Annabelle basket is in Mia's hair almost everyday! It's her favorite.

I will take some pics and send them on wednesday, and mostly think of your sweet annabelle.

Mimi and Mia

Evie's Story said...

You know we'll be celebrating this special day with you! Praying you through every day this week as you caress the memories and relive the moments at MUSC. I certainly am remembering that little celebrity baby being wheeled into PC :-)....and the pink glow around her whole corner of the ward...the blankets and bows that so carefully disguised all the wires and monitors...oh so adored!!
...had no idea what a special part of our life she and her family would become.

Love you Rebecca!

Amanda-The Family News! said...

Rebecca - we will be remembering Annabelle and making cupcakes and releasing balloons as well!!! I will be sure to send you pictures!!!!
We love you!!!

Lindsay Dean said...

I am just sobbing right now with grief for you but thrilled with the idea that others can be apart of her birthday celebration! I will have to be creative on the cupcake thing but will have balloons in hand on Wednesday! I love you friend and I look forward to sending birthday wishes to heaven along with all of you.
Love, Suzie

The Simmons Family said...


You know we'll be celebrating that day as well!! My heart hurts for you. As I watch Owen poke at his cake (because we won't be lucky enough for him to eat it) I will be thinking of Annabelle. We'll let some balloons fly to the heavens as well. I can't wait until Owen is old enough to share his birthday buddy's story with him.

Love to you all on the 28th!


Mimi said...

Rebecca and Scott~
Please know that we will be remembering and rejoicing with you on Wed. as you celebrate Annabelle's first birthday. What a precious way to celebrate her life~
As always youf family is in our prayers~
Love, The Hogues

Anonymous said...

We will be rejoicing and praying with you on Wed! We will make cupcakes with pink sprinkles. What a joy and blessing you are! The thought of others enjoying cupcakes and balloons for Annabelle is so sweet and touching.
We love you!
The Ballentines

Katie said...

We've been on a vacation, so I missed reading the posts!!! We will be celebrating with you all on Wednesday as well as taking some pics to send your way. What a great idea! Thinking of you on this special yet difficult day and sending my prayers your way. What an amazing 1st birthday Annabelle will be having in heaven with our loving Father...Love and hugs to you, our sweet friend and Happy Birthday to precious Annabelle :)
Katie & Maddie

Anonymous said...


We will be making cupcakes like crazy and will collect some cute balloons to send to Annabelle tomorrow. Your family is constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I am hugging you very tightly in my mind right now ... you are absolutely the most amazing woman I have ever had the pleasure to know. Annabelle is forever remembered and loved by everyone who reads your posts. I, for one, will never forget the impact that she has had on my life personally; and also because of the events of last February when Teagan arrived much earlier that we would have wanted, but in His perfect time. I love you all so very much!!!

Erica May said...

Rebecca, I am so glad I looked at this tonight! Donnie is even off work tomorrow, so we can all celebrate sweet Annabelle! We will be thinking about you all and saying prayers and giving thanks to God!! I hope to get together soon! ALl my love to to you, Scott and Wyatt!
God Bless,
Erica May

GrannyApple said...

Rebecca, Please know that our family will be praying for your family as you walk slowly through the events of tomorrow and celebrating the life of Annabelle on her 1st birthday. I know that Annabelle and Lindsay Bear will be dancing around Jesus tomorrow and celebrating with joy, laughter and completely healed bodies. Oh how I wish we could see them and most of all be with them. We follow the blog and remember you all in prayer. I'm glad our paths crossed and that we are united in Jesus. May you have a blessed day.
Angel Lindsay "Bear" Groen's Granny (Jan Welte)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I read the blog today. I am going to the grocery store to get all the ingredients we need to make cupcakes this afternoon.

McGuire Family

Stephanie said...

I've heard of Annabelle's story recently and wanted you to know how incredibly touched I am by your story and her life! What a beautiful little girl!!!

Thank you for what you are doing for heart patients now..i think you are such an inspiration!