Friday, January 23, 2009


So much has been going on lately...

Last weekend I went to the first Board Meeting for Palmetto Hearts! This was our first quarter meeting and the first meeting since Annabelle Baskets joined with Palmetto Hearts to qualify for non-profit status. They have been so wonderful to still allow me to do my thing with the baskets yet still working together by my putting PH brochures in the baskets delivered at MUSC! It is our prayer that those precious heart families that receive the baskets not only get a temporary joy from having a darling little basket welcome their precious baby into the heart world but, also, for them to gain a permanent support group of other families who have walked in their shoes. (Yes, I am aware that is a mega run-on sentence, too!) The meeting went great and, as always, it was great to see other heart moms that I love so much! God has truly provided an incredible opportunity for the Annabelle Baskets through Palmetto Hearts!

Also, while at the meeting another heart mom friend, Lolita, gave me the cutest little crocheted newborn cap! Her children's adoptive grandmother is making them for the baskets! What a surprise! They are the softest yarn I've ever felt...and just perfect for the baskets! She is going to make them in all different colors, too. I know the families are going to be so blessed by having their own unique little cap for their baby! I still have the cap that the hospital put on Wyatt that was made by a charity this is really special for us to be able to provide the same memory to so many other heart families!

Something else that has weighed on my mind and in my heart for quite some time is the possibility of homeschooling Wyatt. Several years ago, Scott mentioned home schooling to me. Scott is a very well thought out man. So, I knew that if he was taking the time to even mention it, then it was most likely something he had already considered heavily. We began to get more information and pray about God's will for our family and for raising Wyatt. We decided this fall to get serious with it and make a decision by the winter months. Wyatt and I have visited home school groups, I have spent time with another friend who home schools her four beautiful, intelligent and extremely well behaved children and, last night, attended a meeting on homeschooling (reasons why and getting excited about it). Scott and I talked & prayed extensively when I got home and we know that this is God's plan for us! I ask for your prayers as I continue to get information on curriculums, support groups, state requirements, etc. (It can all be very overwhelming.) We are taking it one year at a time and praying God's guidance continually.

Oh- and to go along with the Annabelle Basket update...the total tally for baskets delivered from conception at the end of April 2008-December 2008 was 176!!! Honestly, I wish this number were non-existent but I am so overjoyed with the mighty work God has done in and through all of you who have been a part of it! God is so good! Thank you, dearly, for allowing Him to use you as His vessel!

This is a picture of our Guest Bedroom before we passed along the bedroom furniture and lined the walls with shelves for all the supplies!

Keeping the cabinets stocked at MUSC... (although they are usually a little neater than this!) We do what we have to do to keep as many as possible on hand for them!


~Sara~ said...

Love ya girl! I'm so grateful to not only work with you for these families, but to call you my friend! God brought us together for a reason, and He's seeing it through!

Many hugs, prayer, and love as you face this week.


Lindsay Dean said...

You are an amazing woman Rebecca! The baskets are such a wonderful gift to these heart families and they will remember this gift from you and your family forever. I am praying for your decision on Wyatt. I'm sure you and Scott will make the right one for him. We recieved your gift to Lindsay the other day and can I just say.....precious!!! I love the red heart on the blanket! You are just so generous to our baby girl. I wish I could wrap my arms around you! By the way, I WAS thinking of you when I saw that the sweethearts were an option for the blog background for Valentine's Day. Love you my friend!

Evie's Story said...

You've warmed my heart this evening! I love seeing the baskets in just amazes me what God has birthed out of your home and love for these other heart families! And the precious caps will be a beautiful addition - how precious to see God laying this ministry on the hearts of others!

So excited to hear about your evening last night...will talk this weekend. Glad you're sold on it;-)
love you

Angela said...

I wanted to give you the blog address of a dear friend of mine. She is a great Christian mommy of three boys. She just started homeschooling this year and is doing great. Feel free to search her blog (she's blogged about it several times) or even just contact her. She loves to talk about it! :)

Her name is Stephanie.
Her blog is

Miller Family said...

Awesome! Awesome! Thank you for this wonderful ministry you are providing. 176 is a very exciting number.
About homeschooling, awesome. I have been thinking alot about that lately and have had some friends switch to internet charter schools. They love it. I wish you luck in all the research and getting to know what you need to do. Take care!!

Anonymous said...

Having a blog party to honor my sweet Baby James. Stop by for the details. Hope you can join in! Prizes of course!!

I do something every year for his birthday and would like to donate something for baskets, any suggestions can be sent to

The Five Pennies said...

Pink balloons going up in SC for Annabelle Lynn tomorrow. I would love the pattern for that hat..I also make hats for the newborns and preemies at our local hospital. You are amazing!