Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Pieces of Heaven...

What a beautiful day! The sun is shining and the weather is a very pleasant 84 degrees. It couldn't get much closer to perfect...

I can only imagine the past few days that Annabelle has had in Heaven. I am sure she has been one busy little girl...meeting two new friends and showing them around the glorious place that was prepared especially for them by the One who loves them more than anyone. A few days ago, she welcomed one precious little girl that I had the honor of meeting twice at MUSC and just feel in love with (afterall, her name is Bella...I know, great princess name!). Another beautiful little angel, Amazing Gracie, joined them this morning. My mind drifts back to our trip to Disney last month and walking into the Princess Room at the World of Disney store...I had never seen such a dolled up, glammed up, more perfect girly girl palace in my life including the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique. I told Scott that walking through that "room" (which was about 5000 square feet) was definitely the closest to little girl heaven that I would ever experience on this earth. That was a little piece of heaven and the JOY experienced there...

God blesses us every single day with Pieces of Heaven...

~Hearing my son's contagious giggle that makes me smile before I am even aware

~Sitting on the couch listening to the birds welcoming in another day as the sun rises

~Staring at a picture of my daughter and embracing it closely

~Watching butterflies dance in the air

~Seeing the same little bird return to my back porch handrail and chirp with a mighty purpose

~A gentle breeze blowing through the screen door

~Holding my loving husband and beautiful son close in our regular "Family Hugs"...and remembering those precious family hugs with Annabelle right in the middle

I believe that God blesses us with these precious moments to remind us just how close He and those we love are to us at every moment of the day. He cares so much for His children and gives us Pieces of Heaven to hold onto until we see Him and experience His full glory.

What Pieces of Heaven has He given you?


Anonymous said...

Hey Rebecca,
First of all, your post is so beautiful and reminds me of God's little blessings that are all around me every day. I have to admit, I am so sad right now after hearing about Gracie. I've been keeping up with her daily ever since I found her site on your blog. I am just grieving over that baby and her fight. I guess, in a sense, it brings my own grief to the surface. I love when you put that Gracie and Annabelle and so many little ones (including my London) are all playing together in God's kingdom. That gives me comfort during moments like this. Thank you! Hope you have a great day.


Amanda-The Family News! said...

Rebecca - I am moved to tears with the loss of Gracie. I have followed her every day after reading about her on your blog. I am truly heartbroken. I feel like I know her and the family even though I do not. I smile thinking about Annabelle showing Gracie around. What a sweet thought. I know this will sound strange but I think it gets to me so much because of having my own baby girl and not even being able to understand what it would be like for her to be taken from me. Why isn't everyone else able to keep their little girls and enjoy them too? Sorry, but I just really am overcome with emotion after reading about Gracie.
My heart aches.
Love and hugs ~ Amanda

Angela said...

Wow. That was very touching. I needed to read that, as my son is having his heart surgery tomorrow!! My pieces of heaven were just his sweet countenance today as we had an eight-hour pre-op visit at the hospital. UGH!!
God bless you and your sweet family.

The Hardy Family said...

You are a blessing! Thank you for the reminders to get us thinking of how God gives us pieces of heaven each day! It was good seeing you today!

The Gandy Family said...

My heart aches for Gracie's family. She fought so hard. She is perfectly healed now. I have not read her blog the last few days, and was so shocked. I was really hoping she would overcome this.

Your words on the last two post are wonderful.I have always wondered if babies grow up once in Heaven. Maybe you have just answered that.

Take care-
Leigh Ann Gandy