Friday, October 03, 2008

Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

I tried to get these pictures posted a week or so ago with Elijah's birthday and the Little Heart Walk post but the computer was super slow and working against me. So, we're playing catch up today. Enjoy!!!

Elijah helping me open some presents for the Annabelle Baskets!
(fyi...he destroyed his cake and his clothes & his mommy had no choice but to let him go in just his diaper!)

Cathy helping Wyatt with the bubbles!

Surrounded by some of the BEST nurses ever!!!

Scott, Dr. Eric Graham (Annabelle's of our favorites) and me

Me, Dr. Bradley (Annabelle's surgeon), Wyatt and Scott...and, yes, I have one of my daughter's bows in my hair! I thought it made me look 16 again! :)

Elijah at the the bubbles! He had a lot of fun & got close to going diaper only again!

Wyatt at The Battery

Grandaddy, Wyatt and Scott delivering another load of Annabelle Baskets to MUSC...we delivered 20 more baskets! (over 130 given and counting...)


Evie's Story said...

You are precious Rebecca...I love that you wore a bow and Scott looks like a proud daddy in his pink T-shirt. Im so proud of you all. Wish we could have been there too. Thanks for continuing to share your journey and Annabelle's legacy!! Love you!

Melissa said...

Hey Rebecca. I have e-mailed you before about basket stuff that I am getting together but I wanted to tell you that I was thinking about you today. Me and my sons meet a friend of mine at a pumpkin patch for some kid fun, well half way on the moo train I saw a yellow butterfly flying around and then at the playground. It was so sweet how it kept fluttering around all the kids. I remembered from your blog about a yellow butterfly and a smile came on my face thinking about your little girl. Now every time I see a yellow butterfly I will think about your family. :) Melissa
P.S. I like the new picture above.