Wednesday, April 30, 2008

First Delivery!

Today was special! I got to deliver the first batch of Annabelle Baskets to four sweet little heart baby girls at MUSC. Everyone was so touched by the baskets and very thankful. It was so good to go back to my home away from home. Every single person there is so dear to our family. We were so incredibly blessed to have such amazing people care for our daughter. It feels so good to give back a little and pay it forward to the precious families who are where we were just 3 months ago. In true Annabelle fashion, we were followed around by her photographer, Brennan, and videographer, Dana, who captured this sweet day. A very special thanks to Brennan for the photos above. Also, three of Annabelle's nurses that were not working today met me there to help with the distribution and we enjoyed a yummy lunch together afterward. I also should mention that Annabelle's attending pediatric cardiologist while in PCICU, Dr. Graham, was attending today, too. It was wonderful to see him and share the Annabelle Baskets with him. He was around the day that Scott and I first mentioned doing something for these precious babies before Annabelle's heart surgery. It was just fitting that he be the first PC to see them coming in the doors!
I have received an abundance of generous donations and contributions to this ministry. As a result, we are going to begin making Annabelle Baskets for boys, too! If you are still wishing to contribute, I am most in need of small dolls & stuffed animals. We are going to go with a jungle/animal theme for the boys (lions, tigers, etc.). We are working on setting up some accounts with manufacturers so that we only have to pay wholesale for items, too. So, if you would rather, you may certainly send money that we can use to purchase items in bulk at lower costs. I have set up a separate checking account specifically for those funds. We have guessed that 15 baskets will last about a month for the baby girls and probably a few more than that a month for the baby boys as congenital heart disease tends to be more prevalent in boys. Thank you, thank you dearly for being a part of this ministry! Oh, words are not adequate to express the gratitude and joy today. Take heart in knowing that you are a part of it!
~And in case you wondered, there was a beautiful butterfly that shared Wyatt's party with us on Saturday. She watched me set up and returned to play with Wyatt after everyone had left. He now calls them "Annabelle" and giggles the entire time! Blessing upon blessing...


The Hardy Family said...

That is so wonderful that you were able to hand deliever the Annabelle Baskets today. They look beautiful in the picture and you look so happy to be able to help in such an amazing way. Your ministry is going to bless so many more families who are experiencing just what you did. Thank you for allowing all of us to help you in this endeavor and I'm so excited that you are now reaching out to the families with boys, too!
Also, I'm so glad the butterflies came to join you on Saturday! What a blessing!
Still praying and thinking of you OFTEN!
Love you~

Anonymous said...

Oh Rebecca, Im a puddle of tears again!! I KNOW how those baskets will minister! Your beautiful, beautiful spirit refreshes mine!!
Love you!

Erica May said...

Rebecca, it was so good to talk with you today! I am so happy things went well today! You are touching so many by doing this and we know first hand how much our spirits need to be lifted in the hospital! God is going to bless you and I know Annabelle is so proud!!
Much love,
Erica May

Johanna said...

Rebecca-it is so nice to see joy in your face as you start such an amazing ministry for these sweet babies! I can't wait to hear more stories of how Annabelle's baskets has blessed each and every family they are given to! Love you!

Johanna :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lord for blessing Rebecca yesterday! She sings of your praises. She is truly a witness to us all!


Elizabeth Green

Lindsay Dean said...

You are just amazing! The smile that you will bring to the families faces will mean the world to you. I am having a box delivered by next week in order to support the cause. I think it is just wonderful what you are all doing for these kids in memory of sweet Annabelle. Enjoy every minute!
Heart Hugs-
Suzie (Lindsay will be here in 6 more weeks!!!)

Anonymous said...

It was so good to see you yesterday! The baskets were beautiful! I know it meant a lot to all of the families. We continue to pray for you and your family on 7C and think of you all often. Looking forward to seeing you on the next go-round of Annabelle baskets!!
Much love~
Caroline Leslie, RN 7C

The Simmons Family said...

I am inspired! The baskets turned out adorable and what an amazing way to give back. I love that Wyatt calls the butterfly Annabelle.. very sweet.

Owen's Mommy

The Gandy Family said...

Rebecca -
The baskets turned out beautiful. I am so glad that you got to deliver the first baskets. You are truly a blessing and a messenger for spreading God's love and warmth to these families. I was thinking about you all Saturday and praying that God would send you all a butterfly. God works in mysterious ways and Annebelle was there in more ways than one.

God Bless you all. I am picking up stuffed animals and when i get a few ready, I will bring them to you.

Leigh Ann Gandy

Kacy said...

You look radiant as you share the baskets! Dr. Graham looks pretty happy as well. I'm thrilled to see that you were able to deliver the baskets personally today. You and I know how tough it can be in the PC-ICU and I know God sent you to help those parents today! What a gift! Also thrilled to learn that the baby boys will be able to get an Annabelle basket! God is so good! Love, Kerri

~Sara~ said...

Thank you for allowing His light to shine so brightly through you. We continue to pray for you daily! Hugs to you!

Sara, Tim, Kaeleigh, Avery, and Kaden

TPB said...

Hi Butcher Family,

I'm so encouraged to see how God is continuing to work through sweet Annabelle's life to bless others. Thanks for letting God use you all in this hard time. If we make a check out to the cause, do we make it out to you? Just let me know whenever you get a chance.

I also like hearing about the butterflies in your life. God truly does use His creation to comfort us!!

love always,