Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I find that God often uses his creation to comfort us. With my mom, He uses blue birds. With Annabelle, He has chosen butterflies. We are finding more and more just how much he cares for us by sending them our way.
The Sunday of Annabelle's service, as Scott and I were walking to the car to leave the house, we noticed a big beautiful white butterfly just following us and dancing around us. I took notice of it first and then called it to Scott's attention to make sure I was really seeing what I thought I was seeing. Has anyone ever seen a white butterfly? It was the most beautiful creature. I knew that was God's omnipotent way of using His creation to bring us comfort and hope on that day.
Then again last week, He worked in a little different way. I had a very upsetting night before and prayed asking for God to send me a butterfly so that I would be reminded tangibly that my baby is perfect and with Him. I cried myself to sleep that night praying that over and over. Well, the next day was dreadful weather wise. It was rainy all day and no butterfly would be out in that weather. God works mysteriously, that is for sure. Wyatt had asked to watch t.v. so I turned on The Backyardigans...lo and behold the show is about a butterfly. Not only that, after a few minutes of it (it was going off as we turned it on), we changed the channel and the first show we landed on was also about a butterfly. God is everywhere.
The most precious was today. Wyatt was playing outside with Scott this evening. As they were playing, they were talking about Annabelle. A little butterfly came right up to Wyatt and he played with it as it fluttered all around him. Annabelle and Wyatt have a very special bond. He sang to her many times a day as I was pregnant with her and she was always comforted by him and very curious as to what her big brother was up to. He would get right in her face and kiss on her and she loved every second of it. We talked about the butterfly at dinner and he said "Mommy, I think Annabelle was in there". He is so insightful to be almost 4. Then, we talked about how God uses His most beautiful creations to bring us comfort and remind us that our Annabelle is still with us. I look forward to many more butterflies...I imagine there will be one at Wyatt's birthday party on Saturday. God is so good!


Erica May said...

I can only imagine what you have all been going through and feeling, but what a great God we serve! He knows just when to step in and give us comfort! I hope that Wyatt's birthday party is great and I cannot wait to get together for lunch! You all continue to be in my thoughts and prayers!
God Bless,
Erica May

♥Stef said...

I am Gracie's Aunt Stef. I have been so touched by Annabelle's story and was so shocked and saddened by her passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your sweet family.
Two months ago I spent a few days with my best friend in Texas after the passing of her 14 month old son Zach. We were in her backyard talking about him when two doves landed on the swingset by us. We sat and watched with smiles on our faces. She had never seen doves in her backyard (or anywhere else for that matter). I said "Zachary sent them!" Whether he did or not, it didn't matter, we believed he did and it brought us peace. I hope Annabelle's butterflies bring you happiness and peace throughout your life. I am sure I will think of her as well when I see one!

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet! You put on your post that Wyatt makes a wish on the dandelions and I think of her everytime I see one. I will do the same with butterflies I am sure. You have a special little boy with a big heart for his sister. You both are blessed. May God comfort you all in the way He knows best and shower you all with butterflies. I am sure there will be one at his party Saturday. See you Friday with Wyatt's cake!

In Christ,

Leigh Ann Gandy

jc said...

Rebecca....this is amazing because I think of Annabelle everytime I see a butterfly...I didn't tell you this but it's true! Everytime I see one, I stop and thank God that He gave her to us and I pray for you and Scott. I love you and cannot wait to see the butterfly on you bunches...jc

Anonymous said...

I am thanking God for comforting you.

We are thinking of you all and praying daily.


Elizabeth, Rick and Manning

Anonymous said...

Rebecca- Sweeet butterflies and kisses. I will always think of Annabelle now too! Wyatt is such a special little boy! And today when we were at the zoo JC saw a yellow butterfly. He chased it into a crowd of people. I am so glad that you can find peace in the beauty of God's nature. It is such a comfort. When my Grandmother passed away a few years ago the very next day my Mom and I saw a Dove in a tree outside her kitchen window. They never came that close to the house! My Mom and I both had tears in our eyes b/c we both had the same thought. So now whenever I see one I always think of her. I hope the same for you.
You are such a special family... and just know God has you held so tight.
Love you! Karen

Anonymous said...

My son has HLHS and I have just found your blog. I am so greatful for your sharing your story. I have a hard time expressing my feelings in the bad times. You have amazing strength. Thank you for your example of faith in the Lord.
Jessica McOmie

Scott McMillan said...

You are such a great example of faith. It is so wonderful that the Lord hears and answers prayers just how we need them answered in times of need. I hope that you feel your baby annabelle close by and watching out for you and your precious family. My heart goes out to you during this hard time.

~Sara~ said...

Praise God for His ways are mighty!!! I continued to be blessed by your family and am inspired to see God continue His work. Happy Birthday to Wyatt! May God bless and keep him today and always.

Our prayers with you.

Sara, Tim & Kaeleigh, Avery, and Kaden

marty said...

A Very Butterfly-filled Happy Birthday to Wyatt!!! You all are in my prayers as you celebrate this beautiful gift from God....Wyatt..! Love from North Carolina, Marty

Em said...

That is really sweet. When babies or children are passing away at the Primary's here, they place a butterfly outside the room to alert any who are coming in or such that the child is "flying" hone to heaven.
I am sending the bows this week! I have a variety of colors!
Mike and Emily

Anonymous said...

Dear Annabelle, Scott, Rebecca and Wyatt,

We just read you story and it is so similar to ours. God gave us a daughter at 26 December 2007 with HLHS. Her name is Noes(Dutch name). She went through the Norwoord operation at 3 January 2008. We are now waiting for the Glenn. Within a few weeks Noes will get a heart catheterize.

Also your passage from the Bible is similar to ours (Psalm 139). At sunday 13 April Noes was baptized. In that service our minister spoke over Isaiah 43:1-7 with theme 'I have called you by your name, you are Mine'. It was a superb service in which God gets all the glory He deserves. The Dutch television was in the church and has made a reportage of this service.

If you want to talk with us or want to share experiences with us you can visit our website: or e-mail us at

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Jan-Kees, Ans, Jet and Noes Janse
The Netherlands

Anonymous said...


You are an amazing woman. You are truely an inspiration to many Christian women and mothers everywere. I read you blogs and am just touched how faithful you are to God and how much you trust His every decision. I am in awe of your spirit and dedication to God's plan for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Dear Scott,Rebecca and Wyatt,
May God continue to hold you and comfort you. Rebecca, you are such an inspiration. God will continue to bless you as sweet Annabelle continues to watch over her family.
The Neblo Family