Tuesday, February 05, 2008

More Good News!

To update everyone from Monday...Annabelle continued to do well with her CPAP tests where they turn off the vent for 30 minutes every 6 hours to allow her to practice breathing on her own. She passed the last "test" at 9:30 this morning and is currently being extubated!!! The respiratory therapist just kicked us out to take her off the ventilator and put her on some oxygen to help give her a little peep of help with her breathing. This is a very big step so please pray that Annabelle is able to maintain her breathing and not have to be put back on the vent. We were told that does happen sometimes but we know that God is hearing our prayers and He created our amazingly strong daughter to be a fighter. She was quite fiesty when we left her and definitely is ready for that tube to come out. She looked around and found where it was and grabbed it several times. She is a smart little princess, too!
As I posted on Sunday night, Monday was my Daddy's birthday. So, after he brought Wyatt here to visit we went to lunch together. When we got back to the hospital, I noticed immediately that Annabelle was missing a tube. They had removed her chest tube while we were at lunch! She hadn't had much drainage from her chest and heart so the PC (pediatric cardiologist) went ahead and took that one out. That was a wonderful surprise! We still have 9 tubes to go but she is well on her way.
Scott and I will work on posting more pictures tonight for everyone to see her pretty little face!
Thank you all for your prayers!!! This is by far the hardest thing that we have ever faced as parents but knowing that we have such a strong group of prayer warriors fighting with our daughter makes it seem bareable.


The Hardy Family said...

Yay!! That is wonderful news. She truly is a little fighter! God is doing some amazing things and it is so neat to read your updates and see just how He is proving Himself over and over again in such a tiny baby's life! I'm glad your dad was able to have a good birthday, too. The prayers continue!! Can't wait to see more pictures of your sweet angel!

Mimi said...

How wonderful to read that Annabelle is continuing to improve and grow stronger each day. Our prayers continue for all of you~ and we look forward to seeing new pictures!
Love, The Hogues

The Chavis Family said...

We are so happy to hear more good news. We will continue to pray! We can't wait to see more pictures of Annabelle. She really is sooo cute! :)
Love, Joe and Kim

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news! We are so glad to hear that she is quite the fighter!
We continue to pray and know that we all love you!

Austin & Ann said...

What encouraging news! We continue to pray for Annabelle and all of her family.

Love, The Blackmons

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear things are progressing well. Can't wait to see more pictures.
Love to you all,
Chris, Andrea, Annika and Zackary Howell

wahoolb said...

Oh YEAH!!!!!!!!! We are praying so much for Annabelle and she really is one tough cookie! You go girl :)
I hope she does good with her breathing and does not have to be vented, we HATED that tube and Raleigh constantly tried to pull it out oh I pray she is able to get rid of it and you guys can continue counting down the tubes (we did the same thing with Raleighs tubes)
Annabelle, keep up the good work young lady, you have a lot of fans to meet soon!

Please give Annabelle a big kis from us! Thank you for sharing with us, can't wait to see the pictures!

Many Heart Hugs,
The Ballard Family
Courtney, Leslie, Raleigh and Stevie

Anonymous said...

We have missed a few days of updates, so we are so happy to hear all the great news!! She is so precious and such a strong little princess!! We will miss you at MOPS Thursday, but know that we are all praying for your family and Annabelle's continued progress!!
Connie Gilliam

Anonymous said...

So glad to continue hearing wonderful news!!! What a huge hurdle that little princess (and y'all) have jumped!!!! I know that y'all can't wait to see your angel's face without that tube in her tiny mouth!! I remember what a sense of relief it brought us to know that Coop could breath on his own!!
Our prayers continue 24 hours a day!!!! Stay positive and strong for your precious fighter, Wyatt, and each other!!!

Betsey, Cooper (14 months-Congenital Cardiac Hemangioma), and Russell (SLHofSC)

Anonymous said...

Annabelle is so beautiful!!! How precious. Your attitude sets such an amazing example and allowing me to share in your journey through this blog is a such a gracious and precious gift. Thank you. I hope the news continues to get better and better as Annabelle grows stronger each day! God bless and hope to see you at MOPS very soon.
Love, Kate McClure

Anonymous said...

Annabelle is absolutely beautiful and I am so glad that she is such a trooper and doing so well! :) Your family is in our prayers - we will keep checking in on you all. take care!
Love Barbara