Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Sunday!

Just a quick update to let everyone know that Annabelle is still doing well! She was gradually reduced on the ventilator several times today. They continue to monitor her and reevaluate every 4 hours. So far, she's gotten a reduction at every 4 hour mark. They are planning on turning off the vent twice tomorrow (at 3:30am and 9:30am) to see if she is able to breathe on her own for 30 minute time spans. This is a practice round more or less to see if she can handle it before they would remove it. We would love to see her without that tube down her little throat but want what is best for her. So, please pray that she is able to handle these "tests" nicely and that the respiratory therapist makes the best decision for her.

Her "fluffiness" from the surgery is going down nicely, too. Her hands looked almost back to normal tonight. She still has some swelling in her face but she is just as beautiful as ever. Her chest tube that drains fluid from around the heart after surgery is in line to be removed tomorrow. She hasn't had much drainage today from the chest tube and has put out 300cc's over what she has been given today so her kidneys are functioning well...another answer to prayer!
Tomorrow is also my Daddy's (also known as Granddaddy's) birthday! He is going to bring Wyatt to the hospital in the morning for us to spend some time together and go to lunch. Please pray that Annabelle continue to do well and remain stable so that he can enjoy his day! One of the cardiologist's told us last week that the bows are just a disguise and that underneath it all she is one tough cookie! I couldn't agree more. Annabelle will be one week old tomorrow...she amazes us! We are so blessed to have her in our lives!


Anonymous said...

God is good! We are sooo excited to hear that things are going so well for your sweet baby girl. We will continue to keep your family in our prayers.

Brian & Tasha Miller

The Chavis Family said...

We're so greatful to hear how well Annabelle is doing. We will continue to pray for your family as Annabelle recovers from surgery. We will pray for the doctors, nurses and the respiratory therapist as they make important decisions today.
Love, Joe and Kim

The Gandy Family said...

We are so excited to hear she is doing well. We will keep praying that she continues to grow stronger. She is a beautiful little girl and very proud of her accomplishments this week. Happy Birthday Annabelle!

wahoolb said...

What great news about the ventilater and I love the "tough cookie" remark! She has appeared to me to be a fighter and she is blessed with such a wonderful family to cheer her on!!
I remember when one of Raleighs PC's at PCICU there told us "Now he needs to pee, poop and eat!" So once that vent was gone those were our next steps, so happy to hear about the kidneys!!!!You go Annabelle!
Sorry I missed you, but so happy you guys got out for a while, that is GREAT! I hope to see you guys Friday morning, I will be in the PCICU waiting room with another family all morning during their little baby boy's surgery, so hopefully I get to see you!
Please give your pink little girl a big kiss from us and a big hug for big brother Wyatt from us. I hope to give you guys our hugs this week.

With many heart hugs,
Leslie Ballard

Anonymous said...

Always in prayer! Stay strong Annabelle!! Our God is mighty and awesome. I praise Him for all the good news!