Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Updated Pictures

Here she is minus a few lines. One big one is missing...the vent tube, yea. Keep praying that she is able to breath well on her own.


The Chavis Family said...

She looks so good! Thanks for sharing more pictures. I love the heart stickers, pink bow and pink shoes. What a sweet girl! The picture of her wide awake is the best. I know you are both excited at the progress she is making. We will continue to pray for a successful recovery!
Love, Joe and Kim

Jessica said...

WOW! Look at those eyes open! She looks great. :) Still praying!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful sight! You have our prayers at the Snail's Pace.
Love to all,

Anonymous said...

Miss Annabelle looks wonderful! I love all the pink. Still in prayer for continued excellent reports! Praise God for the progress she's making!!!!

The Andersens said...

hello. i know you don't know me. but my baby has been diagnosed with HLHS as well. she is going to be born in about 5 1/2 weeks. I found your blog and love reading about the progress your beautiful daughter is making. i was wondering if it would be ok with you if I were to link your blog page on mine, so my family can see how well your baby is doing. its such a comfort to know that these babies really can come through these massive trials and can be beautiful and healthy and strong in overcoming such large obstacles.
If it would be ok with you for me to put your page as a link on mine, that would be wonderful. If not, please let me know! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

What a precious little angel! she looks so good! I love the pictures! keep posting! We are all praying so hard for sweet Annabelle. She is a fighter!
Johanna and Jonathan Chapman

The Gandy Family said...

She is beautiful! We are so happy the she got off the vent and is having tubes removed. Praise God! We are still praying that she makes a speedy recovery. Love the shoes!

Anonymous said...

I hope Annabelle is okay.


p.s.she is so cute

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful! She looks just like Wyatt! I am so glad she is doing well! We are still praying!!!

Elizabeth, Rick & Manning

The Hardy Family said...

Annabelle, you are gorgeous, girl! Keep fighting!