Friday, March 29, 2024

{Rose Hill Working Day Fun}

Started our day at the orthodontic office with Bear getting braces! 

Then we headed up the hill to Rose Hill day for mom and field trip day for kids.  It fit in perfectly with our US History study this year. 

This lovely little estate was owned by the governor of SC that was in charge during the succession. 

We could not get over the magnolias!!!  Just enormous! They were like live oaks in size.  Incredible! 

Chickens are still popping out sweet treats for us every day!  This girl is the best chicken mama! 

These days are so full that the nights require lots of rest and recharging.  

Got the new sauna in too!  Ernie came over and helped get it off the truck. 

Bear approves! 

So thankful for this little box!  

Sweet Barney watching after his girls.

Ellen getting her treats...fed by hand, of course. 

Took AJ to the grocery with me and she wanted a picture by these very "interesting" flowers.  Not quite my style but I understand why an 8 year old would love them. 

Dummy is still alive!  He just hangs out at the edge of the property and roosts in the same place each night.  I am starting to question why our other chickens need such fancy housing! 

Always nearby! 

Ernie got us some turkeys...they were given to him by his sister but we said we would like to help too.  I think they should be named Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Passover.  ha! 

Bear got another gun...but he had to earn it.  Lots of yard work required! 

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