Friday, March 22, 2024

{March Madness: Part Three}

AJ held her first snake!  

Chomping at the bit to swim...and it won't be long! 

Sunday tradition of Miyo's after church together.  

Bear and the girls had their 6 month cleanings...and all had no cavities!  

Rare cuddles with Bear...soaking it up! 

Evenings at home are rare with baseball right now but when we are home they love to get in the "gym" and lift together. The poses are the best! 

Best dogs ever! 

Meet "Dummy" the rooster.  Someone dropped 5 roosters off at our property and we are not interested in anything else with spurs. This guy is just so funny that we couldn't "take care of him" like the others.  So we are giving this guy a chance...but if he turns mean or turns our others mean, Luke knows what to do.  

Clara has been hiding her eggs!  Found all these under a cedar tree tucked away.  

Aunt Bea is sitting on eggs!  She has been broody off and on for a long time so we are just letting her do her thing.  We figure God made her to do this so we are going to let her! 

We had our Easter Celebration at church and it was a hit!!!

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