Saturday, September 30, 2023

{Wrapping up September: Part Two}

 I am so thankful for these photos throughout the day of the girls at Grounded.  It's always so nice to check the private Facebook group and see them the next day or so.  The teachers do a great job keeping us updated and the girls love looking at them.  This week they played soccer, counted Fruit Loop's colors in Spanish and made hurricanes in Earth Science.  Bear is taking Financial Peace, an intensive writing and literature course and has some time for study hall when he does his math. 

The weather is dipping down a touch...still in the 80s during the days but perfect for enjoying dinner on the porch.  We could sit by the candlelight and chat all night. 

Bubba played in a fundraiser golf tournament for his school and his team WON!  

The yard is just gorgeous this time of year.  

Football on the weekends and the girls playing with my hair to stay up later (it works!).  Our sweet old Bo is holding the fireplace down.  We've realized this past week that his hearing has completely gone. He will be 13 later in October.  Thankfully, he seems to be in good spirits otherwise. 

I got to play in the kitchen for the magazine I write/photograph for and everyone enjoyed the fresh apple cider and brown sugar cinnamon cake. 

And lots of Christmas shopping was done!  Best reason ever to shop- supporting missionaries!  They send the items here, we shop and they get all the profit to go back into spreading the Gospel.  It was so fun spending time with sweet friends for a couple hours, too. 

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