Tuesday, September 26, 2023

{Golf, Grounded & Grandmama’s Goodies}

 We've been enjoying these gorgeous fall mornings with the screen porch doors wide open and the cool breeze welcoming in the day.  Walks in the afternoon down the dirt road and dressing up in some of the sweetest jewelry the girls got from Grandmama.  Bubba played in another golf tournament in the Upstate and both Grandaddy and Scott got there each of the days to watch and support him.  Another fun week of their Grounded homeschool program where the girls created a jello earthquake.  Drums for Bear per usual and lots of eggs turning Panda's little business into an enterprise.  She has friends come by {and us making deliveries} pretty regularly.  A new addition to our garden with Grandmama's birdbath...items were being gathered up in her home as I watched four darling little finches out her Florida room window enjoying their afternoon hot spot.  Now, she sits between our Annabelle hydrangeas for some of God's funniest and most beautiful creatures to enjoy...and us to remember our Grandmama Frances by...along with the loveliest vintage milk glass cake stand that I just had to put to use immediately. These are the days...

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