Friday, July 28, 2023

{Seabrook: Day Seven}


Beaching it for one last beautiful day~

Luke came out in bits as he was able, Wyatt played golf on Crooked Oaks at Seabrook, and the girls played, played, played.  Scott and I bounced around between them all and savored every last minute. 

It looked like it could rain at anytime but stayed off shore and we had the best weather for the 7th day in a row! 

Naps on the beach are the best~

Once he woke up, Scott and I went for one last long walk~ 

Then, he went back to hang with Luke and I took the girls to the other end of the island for another walk.  

The ability to exhale here is priceless. 

Then, we went inside to get our suits on and join The Drafts at the beach to swim and play! 

We went in for dinner {I pre-made every meal and had them frozen so all we would have to do it warm/bake and no prep was involved.}. We also decided that we didn't want to wrestle with the Saturday beach traffic and loaded up so we could leave after sunset.  

Bear decided to try to ride a bike one-handed.  He likes to scare his mama! 

We joined The Drafts on the beach and chatted and played as long as we could! 

AG and Maryn...these girls were 1-2 years old when they started coming here together.  Now, they are both almost 11!

Bear's right hand still works...but he probably over did it and ended up needing some pain medicine after this! Learning that healing is a slow process...

Playing some catch~

Beth and me~

Bear with his buddy, Miles~ 

And all the good-bye & see you soon hugs~

Seabrook 2023 was one for the record books.  

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