Monday, July 31, 2023

{July: Part Two}


 Summer lovin'~ Can't we just stay in summer all year long?!?  These days are going by far too quickly! 

The garden is continuing to bless us with goodies daily.  Cucumbers and tomatoes are on overload! 

Sweaty Selfie~ I've still been great about workouts but now I'm trying to slowly get back into the earlier morning routine.  But it is so lovely when I can sleep a little later...I know it'll take a while to be up at dark working out so baby steps! 

And the lovely little hot box.  We went to the beach and I really missed this little box.  

Working from the porch while the kids swim~ this is such a blessing.

And THIS is what happens when I don't get up early enough to complete my full morning self-care routine.  I have visitors! 

Looks like you can teach an old dog new tricks! 

Our babies are laying eggs and our first is an Olive Egger! We were hoping for some blue or green tinted ones but a true Olive Egger is quite a treat! 

Wrestle mania in the pool between brothers~ I held my breath about the entire time!  They had the best time though! Scott was throwing them the football so there was a score involved as well.  

Sweet Bear kept getting tackled but I do think he enjoyed it by the look on his face.

The girls were done with the pool at this point and glad to be spectators only~

Dad loved it too~

My baby girl~ always my little shadow~

Getting ready for the Beach and those "snackle" boxes! Scott and I enjoyed putting them together a few nights before we left.

Full of junk and they loved it~ I remember always getting capri suns or juice boxes for our beach trips and thinking it was the most fun! 

Girls and I are dressed up and headed to their Camp Rock performance~ They attended the sweetest little drama camp VBS at their cousin's church.  

AG & Aly were in the same skit~

And JJ & Jayne came too~it was such a darling little week for them.  

All our family that was involved in Camp Rock! 

And all the Butcher side cousins~

Our Fab Four~

Obligatory photos are their favorite~ ha!  But we had to get pictures with Grandaddy and Mimi, too!

Looks like someone is always watching~ Boss is going to be 2 years old in the fall and he's calming down a little and enjoys his nap time more.  He still stays close though.  People are his favorite!

After our stingray incident, Bear ended back up in the pediatricians' office due to some issues with the stitches.  Thankfully, we got in as the last patient of the day.  Unfortunately, it took us over 2 hours.  Stitches came out and two more antibiotics are on board for him.  Even our Peds said after seeing this firsthand, he has grossly underestimated those creatures.  We did the math late that night to find that Bear is the .0051% that gets attacked.  Bless him~ this healing process is going to be long and slow but we are trusting that God is healing him and doing a mighty work in him every moment of every day.  

Scott's sister, Aunt Jenn, sent me some photos from Camp Rock, too~

Precious Panda got all wrapped up as Lazarus~ too funny! Each day focused on another story from the Bible and they did the cutest activities.  Looks like AJ & Jayne may be up to mischief in the background there.  AJ said she did not volunteer to get wrapped up!  She was not having any part in it.  ha! 

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