Sunday, December 25, 2022

{Christmas Morning}


Obligatory kid photos before the present opening begins.  We had already gathered upstairs to read Luke 2 {Luke read it for us this year as he had memorized most of it during Advent- as had the girls}.  

We started with Myrrh gifts...which is a clothing item.

And then did Frankincense...which is something that brings you closer to God.  And finally, Gold- which is something they wanted.  

Bubba got a new golf bag {but it turns out that I ordered the wrong one so we had to send it back and get the correct one.  I thought they looked the same but there were differences that were important.  Thankful for Amazon prime and free returns!}

Bear got a new airsoft gun! 

Panda got a Lego table {and an Alexa to play music!}. 

And Dubbie got a gymnastics mat and balance beam! 

We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and enjoyed some delicious cinnamon rolls before getting dressed to head to Christmas Sunday service.  How special to celebrate both Christ's birth and His resurrection on Sabbath.  

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