Thursday, September 15, 2022

{Making it...kinda}

I'm a bit behind and that's perfectly okay.  The past week or more has basically been triage.  Our family is fractured.  I'm doing the best I can.  Somedays I can't function at all and others we actually manage to get a few things done.  We are all feeling the weight of another loss and it has triggered some deep wounds.  I've found a therapist again and am literally having her write my words and guide me each step.  I know I need help.  It's days like these that keep me going...

While doing my QT, the kids came in ad put a hat on our sweet old Bo dog.  It definitely made us smile. 

Lots of watercolors...therapy for us all.  

Working on training the Boss man some.  He's a bit wild at nearly a year old.

Work outs with Dad are the highlights of the evenings.  Bear is usually at football so Scott gives me the night off to rest and cook and be alone some.  

Lots of reading together on the sofa...which is our very favorite thing to do. 

And another football game for Bear.  It's so good to see him enjoy this new to him sport. 

We are studying the World Wars and loving adding true story picture books in.   This one was great! 

And I've been giving more grace on screen time when I need a moment alone.  The kids are using that time to advance in Reading Eggs.  The girls are reading more and more each day! 

Bubba did make it home a week or so ago.  I wish we knew then that there was so much going on in his life that he needed us for.  He is trying to work it out on his own and we are trying our best to love him through it.  He always has a place here with us. 

Chickens are always on our top to do list...and the "babies" are getting to know the big girls already.  Hopefully they will be giving us eggs soon. 

Our little Chicken Mama! They follow her everywhere. 

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