Sunday, September 18, 2022

{Catching Up}

Swim season is coming to a close faster than we would like so we are trying to make the most of it while we can.  Thankfully, it looks like this coming week will have some nice and hot days before we close it down for the year.  

We celebrated Labor Day by attending the local library's used book sale.  We all found a few goodies...including Daddy. 

One of AG's favorite finds was a free 500 piece puzzle.  She has the patience of Job when working on these things! 

Crazy pups!  They are quite a pair! 

Just a typical day...riding a bicycle and wearing a swimsuit.  

No week would be complete without Panda's chickens making a debut.  

More football means more fun.  The girls got to pick a snack to take to the games and they picked these little French fry chip containers from Publix.  They loved them.  

We traveled to Spartanburg for this game and Bear got lots of playing time.  He really is enjoying this season and has made some sweet friends.  It is such a neat little community. We are grateful to be a part of it this year. 

Big Win for the Panters! 

And then he falls asleep in my arms.  Soaking up this while I still can! 

We had a rough day with our Bo.  He was limping really badly and didn't want to move at all.  We were very concerned but then AG laid hands on him and prayed and immediately he started running around again and playing with Boss.  It was literally like we witnessed a miracle! 

We took a Sabbath nature walk on the Peak Trail and it was lovely.  The kids all really enjoyed exploring.  

Another day with the birds...the babies are getting so big.  They are free ranging some now and are about to start living in the big coop...because AG has plans for more babies soon, of course. Chicken math! 

We've added watercolor school to our weekly rhythm for an enrichment and we all love it.  It's so calming and peaceful.  

We try to match up our watercolor project to go along with something we are studying.  Since we are studying raptors and birds of prey in science, we chose an owl to paint. 

Isn't this sunset gorgeous?!?  I've been trying to focus on God's little gifts in creation more lately...keeping my eyes are things above and this evening sunset was a beautiful reminder that He is always in control. 

Give the kids some free time and they always come up with the most fun was a pretend campfire in the yard. 

I snuck over to the hammock to rest and reflect and had the cutest little rockers some make sure I never stayed still...and may have gotten a little too high at times! 

Then, they hopped on and joined me.  The best kind of crowded!

Another one of the babies getting some love.  They don't like us as much as the big girls just yet, but they are learning. 

Boss loves his ball!  He also loves sticks but has to keep those outside. 

We wrapped up our week with opening all the doors and schooling wherever they chose...we began at the island but pretty soon...

Bear was on the porch!  I ended up teaching the girls reading lessons outside too.  

And then back in for our map study and geography lesson.  

I jumped on the sourdough train a couple weeks ago also.  Trying to make a gluten free starter from scratch...and surprisingly I was successful.  We've made artisan bread, sandwich loaf bread and the yummiest Dutch Baby Pancake this morning.  So good! 

The girls were invited to a friend's birthday party that was held at the gym AJ takes classes.  She was very excited to show me some of her new skills...which included doing a cartwheel on the balance beam.  She amazes me. 

AG also got in on the fun and was very happy to try her hand at a few things that were safe for her.  

Last but not least, Bear's football photos were taken and I just grabbed screenshots of them for keepsake.  Does anyone print photos much anymore?  I definitely don't like I used to except occasionally but I know that including them here will preserve them for a lifetime.  So proud of our #68! 

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