Sunday, May 15, 2022

{A Sweet Celebration}

After senior recognition at church, we hosted a drop-in honoring Wyatt's graduation.  So many family and friends poured in for hours to celebrate him.  We had a dessert theme!  He chose the menu and it was divine!  All the sweets for our sweet celebration!  

My sweet friend Keely offered to come help knowing that I get quite overwhelmed and that her keeping an eye on things would allow for me to truly enjoy fellowshipping with our guests.  She drove down from NC!  Such a gift!  She even brought literal bucketloads of fresh strawberries too! 

This man knows the way to my heart!!! 

More treats

And the gluten free corner! 

Silly siblings beforehand

And the guest of honor gladly obliged my mandatory pre-party photo! 

Uncle Eddie and Aunt Peggy came from Spartanburg

Aunt JC and Bub

A thoughtful friend knew that I couldn't take photos and visit and suggested Luke be our cameraman.  He got some of the best candid shots! 

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