Tuesday, February 01, 2022

{Signing Day}

14 years ago today, I signed a piece of paper giving permission for my 4 day old daughter to undergo the riskiest open heart surgery performed.  

Doing so was both one of the scariest and hope-filled things I have ever done.  

This afternoon those two simultaneously collided again as my son put a pen in his hands and signed his name to play baseball at Columbia International University.   

A path that will certainly have moments that show off his strengths and force him to rely on Christ in his weakness.  Moments that take him to the mountaintops are always the ones we want most.  But it will be in the unseen and undone moments that will shape him forever. 

Wyatt, we rejoice over you everyday and especially today.  Your daddy and I know this stage is filled with the greatest joy and can also be pretty scary {it is for us, too} but let our lives bear witness that God writes the BEST stories and He is only just beginning with yours.  May you grow on the field as the commendable, collected and confident pitcher we know you are…and may you grow off the field further more into the man He has created you to be as you lead, build and grow The Kingdom.  He will do great things in and through you and we are forever on the front row cheering you on! 

The best is definitely yet to come! 

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