Monday, January 31, 2022

{January in iPhone Photos}

Sometimes you just gotta take your spelling test with Bananagrams!

Getting his math done!  We switched curriculum for math mid-fall and it's been a great decision. 

Our Morning Time is the best time for all!  We get so much "school" done before we ever get up from breakfast.  Introducing a few new routines this semester has been a welcome change...including our newest read aloud, science lessons online and music course.  We learned all about musicals in January and studied polar bears, the tundra and more!  The kids are loving the book Sweet Home Alaska where we have learned all about The Great Depression, colonization in Palmer County/Matanuska and World War II.  

Sometimes this guy comes down the stairs dressed by his owner...who matched him this particular day.  Oh Bear! 

Caught them sitting in the sun and just a chatting! 

Scott and I spent a fun Saturday at the RV Show...we made it our goal to find the most expensive one and pretend like we owned it.  

Back to school and one of our science lessons...all hands on and art at the same time!  It speaks their language! 

The girls and their daily tea time for their dolls! 

Bear and Bo

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