Monday, February 14, 2022

{Heart Day}

 We had the sweetest Valentine's Day {pun intended}!  The boys paired up with the girls and shopped for each other as is tradition around here.  This year, Bubba had AJ and Bear had AG.  It was so fun watching the girls give their hints of what they wanted...well, more like specific instructions.  AJ had quite a list including "pretty roses, a pink jeep, diamonds that sparkle and chocolate...lots of chocolate".  AG stuck with her favorite of all time and just requested Legos. The boys knew that although the girls were the ones picking out the gifts it was really Mom that was doing the shopping so they wanted white crocs {Bear} and the big bag of chocolate covered blueberries {Bubba}.  Other than the sparkles and diamonds and real jeep, everyone's wishes were granted.  

We made the girls close their eyes and the boys each got down on their knees to give the girls their gifts first.  

She's always smiling.

Looks like someone is very happy! 

Bubba did great with the jeep!  It was his idea to just stick to that one and she has played with it nonstop since.

Panda is sooooo happy!  Legos and anything artsy is her all time favorite. 

White crocs!  

And chocolate for daysssss

These hugs are the BEST! 

I surprised Lu and the girls with a fun little Heart Day school, too.  We took a bag of candy hearts and had to do all sorts of fun things with them...from math games to stacking and spelling and eventually eating them!  That was their favorite, of course! 

I love the smile on AG's face.  She was quite the master stacker!  

Mom & Dad exchanged cards and have a little weekend away coming up to celebrate too! 

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