Friday, February 04, 2022

{Grandaddy's 70th}

Friday night was the MOST fun celebrating Grandaddy {my Daddy}.  We had chocolate eclair dessert like my mama used to make {his request} and spent sweet time together.  That's truly the greatest gift, isn't it??  Time together is never wasted.  

Scott, the kids and I wanted to get creative and come up with something a little different for Grandaddy's gift this year so we made a list of 70 reasons why we love him and then typed it up and presented it to him.  I read it aloud {barely as some things were quite emotional and sacred} and he loved it.  He also got a new fitness watch from us to help give him some assurance of vitals, etc.  

These moments are never lost on me...having finally reached the age my mom was when she passed, I realize more and more just how much of a gift it is to have him here.  So grateful we could be together and celebrate his amazing 70 years on this earth! 

Scott's grandmother {the kids "Great Grandmama"} also shares this day and turned 96!  The girls and I took her a brown sugar and cinnamon bundt cake for breakfast.  She was eating her cheerios and banana and told us that's the secret to living 96 years.  Although, I'm pretty sure it has more to do with her fiesty, fighting spirit! 

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