Thursday, December 23, 2021

{Special Delivery}


A day in Charleston doing the things we love that everyone can eat {including GF desserts}, walking The Battery & playing a little football for the boys and remembering the reason this city will forever hold the most special place in our hearts...our Annabelle.

I couldn't let this opportunity pass me by.  So, he obliged and we took some "senior session" photos! How is this even possible?!?!  It seems like yesterday I was snapping his photo in his pink Annabelle Basket t-shirt on these steps when he was 4! 

His GQ shot.  I loved this one!  

Brothers!!!  Never a dull moment with boys! 

Goofballs! We kinda have this joke about photos of kids by trees so they always do this to make me laugh. 

When the horse drawn carriages get close these two light up! I think they counted 11 horses today!


It's a new season.  A shiny new hospital and absolutely nothing there that reminds us of our girl in Glory.  We walk a different delivery path and through doors that are neither familiar in sound or smell.  But it felt right and God directed each and every step.  And we knew it was exactly where we were supposed to be. Because as we were reading our Advent story each evening by candlelight and discussed the one thing that makes Christmas truly focus on giving in this season as Christ gave Himself to us, both the boys said it was this.  A new season but with the deepest roots.

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