Saturday, December 25, 2021

{Christmas Morning}


The calm before the storm...probably one of my most favorite mornings of the year! Seeing everything laid out and ready for the kids.

Giant Toddler is getting taller each and every night

and he knows it! 

After reading Luke 2 upstairs together, the kids wait on the stairs for us to get the final things in order.

It's time! 

We told each kid to go sit by their stocking.  The funniest thing is that the girls' giant dollhouse is right behind them but they didn't notice it for a bit. We just kept laughing that they didn't even notice it right away! So focused on their own stockings.  ha!

Still no clue but very happy with bubble bath!

She spotted it!!!  And I'm SO glad I had my camera in hand! 

Now, to get them to unwrap their other things first! 

A new devotional for Bear

A new Bible for Bubba


Staring at her doll house

and shoes

and finally going to play! 

Bear's gold still to come...we wrapped the hat that says "Matthews Archery" and he put it on but still wasn't sure...but then Scott came out with this! 

I think he loves it! 

Bubba was already told that his "gold" would be money to help with new tires and a lift on his truck but Scott still had to make sure he had something to open. 

A weather and rainproof jacket from AFTCO!  I'm pretty sure his daddy just wanted an excuse to get it since they wear the same size jacket.  ;) 

Table is set for brunch!  

My mother's china, my grandmother's embroidered napkins, my silver that my grandmother gave me when we got married and the new Christmas tree crystal mugs, salad plates and bowls that I found at the local thrift shop that has quite the story.  

The Kids Table!

{God gave us the most gorgeous day so we had the younger 4 kids...AG, AJ, JJ & Jayne sit outside on the porch.  It's kind of a tradition in my family to have a kids table like my Grandma Cole always did so this was fun!}

We decided to begin a new tradition with my sister hosting Thanksgiving, Easter at Grandaddy's and then Christmas at our home.  We still made sure to have our homemade cinnamon rolls when the kids were doing presents but then had a fancier brunch around 11:30 with everyone else.  There was no way the kids or Scott were going to let me get away with not making those cinnamon rolls first.  

Brunch was lovely!  We had deviled eggs {Grandma Cole's recipe & dish}, pear & glazed pecan salad, hashbrown casserole {totally winged it with this one since we don't do anything processed like the "cream of" stuff}, turkey sausages, yogurt parfaits with granola and fresh berries and of course lots of fun treats like breakfast bundt cake and some GF donut holes.  Also, wassail and juice! We used every single one of those dishes and plates, too! 

And an obligatory photo in front of the tree for mom before our company arrives.  God is so kind to us and I just can't believe these are the beautiful people He has entrusted to Scott and me.  Thank you Jesus...for coming once and the promise of Your coming again!  We celebrate YOU! 

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