Friday, November 12, 2021

{Treehouse Dreams}

 Bear has been very patient in waiting for his dream treehouse to come to fruition.  It's been {a lot} slower than we thought...and honestly isn't in a part of the yard we frequent much anyways so it's definitely taken a back burner position over the years.  But, this past week, with renewed sense of expectation, Bear began to work on it again and it now has all the flooring down and some of the railing!  He's gotten our neighbor to help some but done most of it by himself.  I'm sure he will be spending some weekends working with his daddy to make it complete very soon! 

Bear is resourceful, if nothing else!  He's used wood we already had and even cut some trees and limbs when needed.  He saws the wood with only the strength of his arms and hasn't pulled out a single power tool yet.  Thankfully, we had a beautiful week of weather for us to spend lots of time out of doors and helping when we can.  The girls are good for playing around and keeping him company and I'm good for taking pictures and helping him dream.  Good thing, he knows how to do the actual work! 

Employing his sister to help with the supplies! 

When I spy a beautiful butterfly, I just have to. This monarch spent a couple of days in our front yard and was so delightful to enjoy! 

All this treehouse building is hard work!  Panda decided to get a little rest in on her swing. 

Hard at work!  It's about 15 feet by 8 feet and somewhere around 10 feet off the ground.  He's also been using it as a deer stand some too.  

Sweet babies! My middle and little gifts! 

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