Monday, November 01, 2021

{Happy Fall}

A sweet little dress-up in the afternoon after an amazing morning of worship.  It felt strange that Halloween fell on a Sunday so we made sure to keep first things first.  The kids honestly didn't even know that they would spend an hour later that day trunk or treating at a local church until after lunch...and that worked out perfectly.  We spent all morning in our weekly Sabbath routine and then threw on some fun little costumes to head to a non-spooky church event nearby.  My kids just don't love the scary aspects and neither do I!  It didn't even dawn on me until we dropped some hand-me-downs to a friend's home that had allllll the scary halloween decor that my youngest hadn't even seen or been exposed to that before...and the tiniest one who is anything but quiet went completely silent for a good long while until she spoke up and said "Mom, dem bones is creepy!"  That's when I realized that she had literally never seen a skeleton other than in science books and didn't understand why someone would put a scary fake cemetery in their front yard since we visit the real cemetery quite frequently and don't find it scary in the least.  So, two princesses and a mad scientist (which my very conservative husband gave a nickname to that had us all rolling & trying our best to make light of the current madness that surrounds our government right now).  The biggest didn't dress up but was more than willing to help his sisters go trunk to trunk for the candy, of course!  All in all, it was a lovely and low-key Reformation Day with a little bit of good, clean Halloween thrown in. Now, Christmas on a Sunday I can totally embrace...

Our darling Rapunzel Panda {who proudly wore my tiara from my wedding day}.

Our very sassy Jasmine Dubbie {who had the greatest thrill of wearing my grandma Lottie's clip on earrings!}.

And our Mad Scientist who played the part far too well!!!

I couldn't make this up if I tried.  His daddy said it and it stuck! 

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