Monday, August 09, 2021

{College Tour Take 1}

Last fall, Scott took Wyatt to tour Presbyterian College but it's no longer on the list...but since we are heading into Senior year, we've gotten pretty serious about this part of the journey and Wyatt's narrowed it down to about 5 schools he really is interested in.  We are making a point to spend the next couple months touring the campuses and meeting with the baseball coaches.  Our first tour was at CIU and our second at Anderson University. Both are private Christian schools and in state.  Both have great baseball programs, too!  

Our second tour is going to come first because that's just how the photos uploaded so....

Scott, Wyatt and myself took a day trip up to Anderson to meet with the baseball coach and tour the campus.  It is gorgeous! The presentation was about as professional as they come and the tour pretty short but we still felt like we were able to get a good feel for it. 

So pretty that I took pictures of the bathrooms in the admissions building! ha!  I loved their tile work.  I don't think I've ever stayed in a hotel with a guest bath this fancy!  All the buildings are old with high ceilings and gorgeous woodwork/trim.  It truly felt like a historic park.  

Quick selfie with my boy! Overall, we loved the campus and academic offerings.  Lots to pray about moving forward! 

Our first tour was one that we kinda thought we'd just check out since the baseball program has expressed interest and it's just on the other side of an easy tour to arrange.  We were all blown away with this one though!  From the first moment to the last, we were impressed! They paired Wyatt up with one of the catchers on the baseball team for the tour.  Richie had this momma in tears sharing his testimony with me within minutes of introducing himself.  And they had a sweet little gift just for me, too- clearly someone knows how hard this is on a mama's heart.  

Since Wyatt is dual enrolling here, Richie even took us to his classes so he'll know exactly where to go in a few weeks. 

Photo Op Stop! Their mascot is the ram so we had to! 

He wasn't smiling because I genuinely think he thought I was going to lose it.  I couldn't stop crying!  Thankfully, I got ahold of myself a few minutes in and was truly able to enjoy this opportunity.  What a blessing to even be here! 

After this tour, Wyatt decided not to enroll at the local technical college for dual enrollment his senior year but to do it here to get a better idea of college life and all this university offers.  If I ever thought I pray over my children before, just let one be on the cusp of choosing university for his future...saturated prayers!  And so grateful that God already knows the answer and has given our son the gift of discernment...he reads people and situations so well and we trust his judgment in meeting with each coach and touring each school.  His foundation has been laid well through years of sacrifice and selflessness.  Through faith-building fires and God's abundantly, immeasurably more.  

Two down...two more to go in the next couple weeks...and we are cherishing each moment! 

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