Monday, August 23, 2021

{Bear Turns TWELVE}

 Our Bear turned TWELVE!  

Per his request, we had brownies for the day of & chocolate on chocolate on chocolate cake and cupcakes for his party.  The kid gets his adoration for chocolate honestly! 

Birthdays are forever a day off of school in this house {perks of homeschooling} so we took it easy and swam and celebrated all day long.  Instead of granola, he insisted that we add gluten free Oreos to their yogurt so everyone began on a sugar high! Oh boy! For dinner, he requested a local mexican restaurant so we picked that up to eat at home and finished it off with "Happy Birthday Brownies"!

My Fab Four!

I love this face he's giving his daddy.  

A few days later {and not in the middle of the week}, he had a few little buddies come over to swim.  When asking him what he wanted for his birthday all he said was "To swim in the dark!"  

Wish granted!  Whew...that's an easy one! 

Of course baby sister saw me with a camera and posed asap! ha! 

A few simple decorations inside because the party was all outside!  Disco ball with dancing lights and loud music {another reason we are grateful we don't have neighbors nearby} and light up beach balls and glow balloons floating in the pool.  It was fun & so easy to put together! 

The boys!  

It took two people to light the candles this year! :) 

Gracious, this boy has my heart!  

Just a few fun boys and us!  I love seeing a full island with every little seat filled! 

Happy Birthday, Bear!  You are wildly imaginative and constantly busy.  You keep us wondering what you'll come up with next and it's only a matter of time before it's something that'll be on Shark Tank! We adore your out of the box self that refuses to conform and paves your own path wherever you are.  You are loyal and funny and keep life interesting.  It's a joy to watch you grow and grow up into the young man God made you to be.  May you always look to Him and know that the only One who loves you more than your daddy and me is Jesus Himself.  

One year left until you're a teenager!  Love you, my Bear!  

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