Saturday, August 28, 2021

{Back to School Bash}

 Our church had a fun back to school bash recently.  It was open to the community and so much fun! AJ enjoyed the bounce house.  AG has restrictions due to her brain condition so anything like this is a big no for her but she was able to play games with Wyatt like dunking other kids and cup pong- which she was really really good at! Wyatt took her while I monitored AJ and Luke- well, kinda Luke...he ran around with his buddies!  The weather was gorgeous, too! 

One thing that her nannies shared with us before we adopted AJ and when we got her at the orphanage is that she LOVES to slide.  Boy, were they right! This girl has always loved a slide and started pitching a fit the first time she saw one in America when we were going to a baseball game one night.  She goes down it and then turns around the climbs back up (yes, on the slippery slide- who needs ladders??).  Well, I turned my back to look for Luke and this girl literally climbed up this giant slide all by herself!  Thankfully, there weren't near as many kids on it at the time and she was super fast (and unharmed).  Y'all wouldn't believe the number of times she went up and down.  Truly her happy place! I so wish I could show these to her nannies now!  Our girl is so joy-filled! 

This makes me laugh so hard!  AG was terrified of the giant blow-up police man but AJ loved it. ha!  I didn't realize until I was uploading the photos that she stood just like him with that little wave for the picture. She's a nut! 

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