Wednesday, July 21, 2021

{That's a Wrap!}

A full summer of evenings at the ball park & our biggest baby boy on the mound.  Truly grateful for the experience of American Legion baseball!  The boys made it a few rounds into the playoffs and took a hard loss to Camden- that was truly a remarkable team.  Seeing our boy playing with kids older than him {he was the youngest by far} and watching him build confidence in his ability, was an answer to prayer.  The coaches were encouraging, the players became some of his best buddies and the family environment was our favorite! For some of us, baseball is just a game and for others it quickly can become an idol...we felt surrounded by like-minded people who love the game but are careful not to worship it.  The boys play with passion not because their parents have bought their way but because they truly have talent.  Politics are pushed aside and athletes are appreciated.  We've had the opportunity to play for colleges and meet kids playing all over the state...some of whom may be his future teammates.  A little drive through the country to Newberry has been a welcome change to our summer & we couldn't be more thankful!

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