Wednesday, July 07, 2021

{Girls Only Zoo Trip}

The boys were busy {wrestling camp for Bear and workouts for Bub} so the girls and I snuck out for a quick trip to the zoo to do a few of our favorite things! 

We rarely visit during the summer months as it's typically too busy.  But, we got there right when it opened and were out the door in about an hour.  Lots of fun crammed in before the heat started rising and the crowds began to grow larger by the minute.  Another reason why we homeschool & visit as much as we want while everyone else is at school.  ha!  This mama is just not a big crowd gal! 

The girls and the giraffes...

Clearly, they loved it! 

We hopped on the train for a ride since it was actually open!  

And they made me dizzy by 10am by, of course, requesting the carousel! 

I just love this.  Watching our children enjoy God's creation {even the funny looking giraffe} so purely just makes me smile...and I know it does the One Who created them, too! 

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