Monday, July 05, 2021

{A Family Fourth Weekend}

Life is busy enough so we took it nice & slow for our 4th of July weekend! 

Bubba had an away game downtown so Scott took Luke and they picked up Grandaddy to join them.  The girls and I stayed home and swam! 

With my little shadow! 

Swimming more...

and more...

and more...and discovering that our littlest has a natural cheer gene in her!  She loved this!

Sweet Bo just watches us the entire time.  

These two! 

The boys got some Spikeball in, too! 

So grateful for this space.

Scott put his new Father's Day gift to good use and tried his hand for the first time smoking a couple Boston Butts.  They were divine!!!

A very happy cook!

And a very patient puppy!

Yes, he got a bite! :)

We also finally built ourselves a little garden.  Scott assembled it with some scrap wood we had sitting around and then we took the little 3 to the store to get the seeds and soil.  So far, they are doing an excellent job watering it and we are waiting to see what grows.

This was from earlier in the day when he put those big pigs on the smoker!

Bear also made a tire swing and this little sunshine was anxious to try it out!  

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