Sunday, May 10, 2020

{Mother's Day}

I’ve always loved the story of Moses standing at the Sea and just holding up his staff.  The water turning into walls and him leading His people across dry land.  It’s recently that I’ve realized more and more that God knew I wasn’t the one for that kind of faith.  Instead, He knows I’m a Joshua and the Jordan kinda gal.  

Motherhood has definitely been that kind of journey for me…having to take a step into the roaring, flooding rivers first…no rod stopping the water…just His presence and my obedience…and clinging to His faithfulness to be revealed once more.  Finding out I was pregnant with my first child just barely a year into our marriage and still taking that tiny pill that was supposed to give us a few more years to savor together before adding a little one…carrying a child I knew I may lose before we even met and then did- just when things were starting to look up…and then placing the deepest desire in me to walk through another pregnancy begging Him to not take that baby, too…and then when I thought the waters just couldn’t get any deeper, He said “I have another one for you in China.” 


Enormous financial and emotional and physical hurdles to journey through…and His words to me time and time again have been to get right with Him and prepare to be amazed…and THEN TAKE THAT STEP INTO THE DEEP.  I continue to cling to His presence just like the representatives of the 12 tribes as they carried the ark across and stack these stones remembering His faithfulness and goodness and provision.  

Here’s to all of us mamas…whether your child came to you by blood or not…whether your child is in your arms or not…may we have faith like Joshua at the Jordan…no clue what God has on the other side of this lifelong journey but confidant to take another step in His power & with His presence into the holy calling He has given us…and may we laugh in the midst fully assured that GOD WRITES THE BEST STORIES. 

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