Sunday, April 12, 2020

{Resurrection Sunday 2020}

A lovely slow morning...sipping on tea for me and coffee for my man...the "Easter Daddy" aka "Easter Mommy" had already been hard at work the night before allowing for such a relaxing morning.  I cannot remember a single Easter as a pastor's kid or even now where we haven't been scrambling to get through with everything so we can get loaded up and make it to church for pictures, etc...all before worship service.  Usually, there is the busyness of preparing just about an entire meal to load up and change clothes and more...and we truly missed that time with our family and church family.  But, it was a nice change of that I know The Lord knew we needed.  It really allowed us to worship Him more...through services online with one church Saturday night and then about 3 more on Sunday morning...and time together praying and praising The Risen King we celebrate this day and every day.

Once the kids were up, they enjoyed seeing what was in their baskets {something I will admit that we have tried to simplify & make more a little treat than their focus is truly in Christ this day}...

Wyatt got new swim trunks {he's grown a little! ;)}, PB cup eggs and a big pool float...oh!  And pop tarts!  His annual and only request for his basket since he never gets them any other time.  ha!

Bear also got some swim trunks, his favorite boxed cookies, some PB cups as well and two pool ring floats. 

The girls both received unicorn floats and chocolate bunnies.  :)

The face he makes when he sees pop tarts! One day I'll figure out how to make the paleo, gluten free, dairy free, tree nut free, egg free version...but that day isn't today! 

I had already been busy making a "clean" key lime pie from scratch with cashews soaked overnight, fresh lime zest and juice, coconut cream and maple syrup.  AND IT WAS AMAZING!  I videoed the boys and Scott's reactions to their first bite it was so good!  Definitely going to have to add that to our list of faves!  We also enjoyed ribs, roasted broccoletti, baked beans, deviled eggs and a yummy pecan and pear salad with a lemon vinegarette dressing.  Such a treat!  

My sweet babies! 

We had a few minutes to spare {imagine that!} before our local church service began online so we kinda got dressed and headed to the front field for some photos.  I told the kids that they didn't need shoes but they weren't really happy with me after they had to walk through grass covered in the morning dew and it was all sticking to them.  Oops! 

I found these darling little lavender gingham dresses last year at a consignment sale for $2 each!  I couldn't believe it!  It just knew they were perfect for this year...even if they are the same size.  Pure simple sweetness! 

This photo is a little deceiving as Wyatt still has about 2 more inches on me...I was wearing platform flip-flops.  :)  Still my baby though! 

Mommy & Daddy needed a picture too! 

and somehow we always end up kissing!  Gracious, I love my man! 

“O death where is your sting? O fear where is your power? The mighty King of kings has disarmed you...Delivered and redeemed...Eternal life is ours...O praise His name forever!”

 Redemption, restoration, rescue...all possible because of Jesus’ resurrection. It’s not exclusive. It’s mine and it’s yours and all we have to do is let Him have His way in us.  Come, King Jesus...I am Yours.

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