Thursday, April 16, 2020

{2 Years with our Sunshine}

Today we celebrated TWO whole years with our Ailee James!  We made dark chocolate cupcakes {gluten free, vegan, dairy free, nut free and amazing!} with maple buttercream icing!  Yum!  Dub especially loved getting to decorate them.

The next two are the faces she makes at her Daddy...swoon!!!

She chose heart and rainbow sprinkles!  

So proud of her artwork!  Truly letting kids decorate and help in the kitchen may be messy but it is SO fun! 

All the goodies are ready!  Now, time for her favorite dinner of pizza! This girl gets excited for pizza night every Friday {so we surprised her with it a day early}!

I know and have read and researched for years how the body keeps the score especially in regards to our trauma.  But, what I realized today, while being pushed by my 10 year old to run the furthest I have in years is that the body also keeps the score of TRIUMPHS.  2 whole years ago a frightened, stoic little girl was placed in my arms…but her fear was met head-on with FAITH.  Faith in God that surprised us in the best way and left us with no choice but to 100 percent walk in the obedience we claimed.  “Faith without deeds is dead”…had long been my go to verse in James and now it was time to prove it.  She wept and wet herself and whimpered for hours in my arms.  And today I wept as I rewatched those first moments…reminded of the hard we have walked through.  Trauma is lifelong…hers and mine and ours…but we walk together…because we know the One Who TRIUMPHS and our HOPE is in Him! And that is the score we are keeping.

Here's to TWO years with the sweetest surprise who made us a family of 7!  We adore you, Dubble Bubble!!! 

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