Saturday, April 11, 2020

{Going on an Egg Hunt}

You would think that there would be more important traditions for Easter to my kids but when learning that we would not be headed over to Grandaddy & Mimi's house for our traditional Easter festivities, they were most bummed about not having the Great Easter Egg Hunt {meaning that Grandaddy puts money in his eggs which is wayyyy more desired than candy around here}!  So, it was a sweet surprise when the money filled eggs got divided up among my sister's kids and mine and dropped off the day before for us to have at our home {videoed, of course, and sent to my dad to see the fun!}.

Since the weather was calling for storms all day Easter Sunday, we held the Egg Hunt Saturday evening.  Scott and I hid about 20 of the eggs in the grass nearest to our home for the girls to have some easy finds and Scott put the rest in our front field that is about the size of a football we knew the boys would get lots of running in to find those.

Obligatory Egg Hunt Photo...

First to take off is our Sunshine girl! 

She spied a few eggs right around the house and then...

She got one or two in the front yard but then headed to the front field for the rest.  Really, this girl just wanted to run!!!

Panda, however, stayed close to the house and racked up! 

The boys had to wait to go last.  When money is on the line, they aren't very patient! 

Clearly his idea of carrying a plastic bag over his basket worked.  Bear ended up with more eggs and more money than the rest! 

I made a joke about how cute it was to see my giant teenager carrying around his little white wicker basket.  So...he did this...

Teenagers :)

He found the camo egg!  

Counting up their loot! 

And this is Panda's face when she realizes that she was the ONLY one NOT to get any money...and only candy eggs.  Bless her! 

And this is her face when her baby sister shares! :) 

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