Tuesday, March 31, 2020

{Stickers, Snacks & Something Old Made New}

Our typical afternoon rhythm involves a lot of running to the ball park for either boy...to drum lessons...or guitar...or squeezing in time for friends and playdates.  Not so much these days!  Today we are working on paint by sticker art, getting good afternoon snacks in & the boys making something old seem new again.

When Dub wakes up, she is ready to eat...and bananas are still one of her favorite things!

I bought these paint by sticker books off Amazon probably a year or so ago.  They've been tucked in with the multitude of other sensory rich, hands on manipulatives but Panda came across them a couple days ago and is not stopping.  She's already completed one entire book and working on the more advanced book now. 

Having kids at home to finish off the leftovers is glorious!  I'm used to cooking 2-3 meals a day every day so the not going out to eat rule with the social distancing thing hasn't affected us.  But, having all the kids home in the afternoon {ahum, the biggest one} is making sure that everything I cook is getting eaten.  We've only needed on "clean out the fridge" night for dinner in 3 weeks.  Wow!

And Bear is getting something yummy too! 

And finally the thing they do when it's not as pretty out {it's been in the upper 80s but is in the 60s and raining today on and off} but still manageable to sit on the porch...play the Wii! We do not own any gaming system other than the good old-fashioned Wii from when Wyatt was maybe 5 years old.  Bear found it sitting tucked away in our coffee table and figured out how to hook it up to our old TV that isn't even connected to the internet outside.  That TV hasn't been turned on in about 2 years but, if anyone can figure out how to make something work it's Bear!  He attached the old Wii and they dug up some old Wii sports and Nascar racing games and have been loving this! The boys {and Panda} have been having so much fun playing this oldie but goodie again! 

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