Sunday, February 09, 2020

{Playing at the Park}

Today was my sister's birthday!  We had a busy weekend and an even busier Sunday with my singing in all three services at church and Wyatt serving in the youth we took a little break midday and then decided to meet up at the local park to play.  It was a bit cooler than usual...and WINDY! we didn't last very long but it was so fun while it did.  My sister had a Reece's cake so we were even able to sing "Happy Birthday" and watch her blow out her candles.  So thankful to have family nearby to share these special times together!

He may get upset that I posted this one.  :)

She wanted some cake but didn't want to sit still to eat it so he shared...and his piece was entirely too big anyways! 

Scott and Grandaddy having some intense conversation with Bo.  ha! 

My precious girls.  Panda did a good job keeping her gloves on {and germs away!}

JJ loved watching Luke

This girl is fearless!

I tear up just looking a her on a slide.  I have so many pictures of her on slides in China.  SO thankful she is home...especially as so many dear ones are in limbo now while travel to China is shut down with this horrible virus. 


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