Thursday, February 06, 2020

{Gearing Up}

You would not believe the process this glove has gone through...from being custom designed by the handsome young man holding it to following it all through fabrication, inspection, more inspection, fitting, all kinds of crazy and finally is now here!  Bubba asked for cash for Christmas from his Grandaddy hoping to add what he had already saved to it to finally get the glove of his dreams.  Grandaddy must have done his research because the cash in Bubba's stocking at Grandaddy's house was exactly what he needed to order.  Such a sweet surprise to my big boy! He chose blonde leather with navy stitching...custom designed the 44 on it and in the American Flag design as well as adding his nickname.  He's been working on breaking it in and sleeping with it holding a ball under his mattress...and, in only a few short weeks, he'll get to enjoy it in the game! What a treasure...and what a that I am hoping he keeps to pass down to his children or grandchildren one day when it's worn and dirty and full of memories...just like the one his daddy has of his grandfathers.

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