Tuesday, January 28, 2020


Twelve years ago this morning, I waddled my way into the front doors of MUSC {a stressful pregnancy had my unborn baby girl & me both savoring each second we had together & celebrating with more than our fair share of sweets those last few months!}.  It was truly a beautiful morning in Charleston...but as Scott & I walked from the parking garage to the entrance, I remember us discussing how this was the moment we had dreaded.  Her birth meant that she would no longer be getting the oxygenated blood she needed from me in the grand design our Creator made while she shared her home in me.  Now, it would be on her.  And we knew her heart was terribly broken.  Our daughter's comfort and safety trumped any excitement we had over finally meeting her.  That's the thing about this journey...some cling to comfort and some get no choice...and by the beautiful act of birth, we were immediately handing our baby girl over to a world of anything but easy.  The lessons her life have taught mine are vast and wide and too numerous to count by one that shapes every second I live is that it's in the uncomfortable, painful, hard places you find the strength to truly, genuinely life.  A dozen years of life-changing love for the darling little doll who changed us all...Happy Birthday, Annabelle!

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