Thursday, December 26, 2019

{Christmas Day}

Such a beautiful season of remembering and celebrating Christ's birth!  As usual, the kids got three (an item they really want), frankincense (something to bring them closer to God) and myrrh (something to cover their bodies as the intention of the incense from Christ's time).  I'm finding that as they get older...the gifts get more expenses but the boxes get smaller.  Wyatt had really been wanting a "stomp" to use with guitar (both acoustic and electric) so since it's price tag was a bit higher than most, we allowed it to serve as both gold and frankincense.  :) He was perfectly okay with it, too!

Bear, my future Navy SEAL, asked for a fully automatic airsoft gun...and was pleasantly surprised!

Panda finally got the horse she's been begging for for years...and the only one her neurosurgeon would approve.

Dubble Bubble got a unicorn rollercoaster...and the girls share both often!

We spent the morning at home...finishing our Advent reading that we all thoroughly enjoyed during the entire season...singing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus and blowing out candles on His cake...and relishing in the goodness that God blesses us with just being together.

By lunchtime, we headed to Grandaddy & Mimi's house for more presents and food.  You absolutely know it was a very good day when you hardly picked up your phone or camera to take a single photos and just enjoyed the moment!  I'm not even sure where my phone was most of this day and it was lovely.  Hopefully the photos our minds took on this special and sacred day with stay with us forever... we truly are the lucky ones.

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