Wednesday, December 04, 2019

{Panda's Wheels!}

I learn a lot from this gorgeous girl of mine.  Life has handed her a hard deck of cards and she plays them beautifully.  For many years, keeping up with her siblings running in the yard or walking along the beach or even a trip to the zoo has meant a long night of horrible leg pain…a condition she’s suffered with far longer than she should have to…and something that sometimes goes hand in hand with her genetic syndrome.  Being the social butterfly that she is, she will always choose having fun now although it may cost her a day or two of unstoppable aching…and that’s just one of the many diagnosis she refuses to let define her life. The glorious thing about Andie-Grace is that she always sees the glass half full.  Always.  She’s found contentment in the purest form and oozes joy.  So, the mention of a wheelchair to help her navigate this journey just seemed like another moment to rejoice for her…purple and pink and sparkly light up wheels!  

My Panda girl, you inspire me in every possible way.  

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