Friday, December 06, 2019

{Dubbie Bubble Sunshine}

When this little busybody princess asks for me to take her picture, I grab my camera as quickly as I can!  She doesn't sit still long and not much keeps her attention longer than a minute but she happily obliged my request for just a few she squirmed and giggled the entire time!  

Last night we surprised the kids with an early pizza dinner & told them to throw on their jammies and hop in the car!  We first went through the drive thru at Sonic for a sweet treat (and them thinking that was all that was to our surprise)...then we turned right instead of heading back left towards see the light display at Saluda Shoals Park.  We let the kids unbuckle for the crawl of a drive through all the lights and Dub hopped in her Bubba's lap...bless him!  He adores this girl something fierce but she doesn't sit still or stop talking for a second!  The girls squealed at every light and the boys just held their ears.  All in all, we all had the BEST time together!  So many funny, sweet, silly memories!

Nearly 20 months of calling this girl ours already!  God knew just the perfect little bookend!  

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