Saturday, December 21, 2019

{Daddy's Hair Do}

Saturday night bath time with Dad is pretty much tradition around here.  It was for the boys and now it's the girls' turn.  Sprinkles in the bathtub {aka epsom salt} and lots of spare time to unwind and play...then, the girls surprise me with their daddy hair do's!  Lately, Daddy has been putting their hair up in ballerina buns & finding the most outrageous bow {that he lets them select} to wear on top...they have the most fun surprising the boys and I with them, too.

Having wet buns on top of their heads and big, tacky hair bows are their favorite.

Arts & crafts are her thing...she'd be happy just coloring or painting all day long.  Oh...or puzzles.  She's literally memorized every piece of a 100 piece horse puzzle and pulls out one piece at a time to put together.  She doesn't look at the picture a bit...every single detail is memorized in her little brain. Amazing! 

Dubbie Bubble picked her rainbow hair bow for the daddy special! 

And this boy made his own omelet!!! One day I'll catch the big boy again for a picture...he's either good for a selfie with mom or fishing/playing ball/golfing/hunting/playing guitar somewhere! 

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