Friday, September 20, 2019

{How Dub Does School}

This girl is and out...up and down...all over the place!  I definitely am realizing now just how easy school was with Panda at this age.  I could put her in front of a puzzle or blocks or just about anything and she stayed. Dub is polar opposite!  She is right in the mix doing school with us for a bit and then off doing something else...anything else...that keeps her interest for a few moments more!  I realized that the few toys that we have in our school room aren't exactly her speed...they were more what you'd think a 3 year old would want.  But, this girl isn't taken by much that lights up or makes noise...she prefers manipulative and true, explorative learning...and I'm happy to oblige! So, a few weeks into our school year, I cleaned out the school room once again!  Gratefully donating anything "baby-ish" and filling a shelving unit with all things hands on!  The girls do most of their schooling together and then Dub grabs a drawer to create and play while Panda finishes up with me.  We have a drawer labeled letters, numbers, puzzles, cuisenaire, magnets, design & drill...and art supplies, of course.  The only toy that Dub wanted to keep was her "tay-toe head".

I adore watching her personality as she figures out more and more what school looks like here at home.  We've been slipping into a gentle rhythm of schooling...Charlotte Mason approach more and more...and it's truly matching up perfectly with how my younger three learn.  And then there are moments where I walk out of the school room...thinking she's gotten into legos and is playing quietly with her brothers...only to find that she's turned her shopping cart upside down to create a little stool...and is correctly matching upper & lower case letters!  I'm learning not to let much of anything surprise me anymore...her little imagination is endless!

Our Bo is always nearby. :)

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