Monday, September 30, 2019

{Catching Up!}

God is slowing me down again...forcing me into rhythms of rest...focusing my heart and my mind on what really, truly matters.  Isn't that the cycle of life...pouring out and taking in?

This school year hasn't quite looked at home like what we had hoped.  Some of the curriculum is more data in, data out than I'd like...and I'm processing much in moving forward.  Thankful that I learned long ago that ultimately I am still the one He called to this journey of teaching my children at home...and that trumps anyone else's to do list.  I feel a burden of wanting to give them community and yet sensing the peace I work so hard to maintain at home slipping through my fingers.  Strongly feeling a tug of stepping we may step into more. 

My prayers are heavy...feeling the weight of this responsibility and privilege He has entrusted...and begging for clarity...and soon.  

So thankful for the lift in my spirit when this girl smiles...and the faithfulness that I see in HIM when I see her...

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