Thursday, March 14, 2019

{The Dollhouse}

A year ago we were thick into our Both Hands project…doing work around the home of a precious widow to raise support for our adoption. It is a God-sized story that led to our choosing Mrs. Laura as our widow and the beauty of the Body coming together to love on her was evident in each part of the process & especially the day we spent in her home. And then, 1 year later…she reaches out to me with a gift. A beautiful old wooden dollhouse that she had received from another precious woman I adore as well and have for many years. She wanted to share it with my girls…the next generation to spend hours dreaming and creating and designing and imagining. And as God had planned, here we are 1 year later, on Ailee James’ first birthday home, surprising her with a present that came from the woman who we were blessing a year ago and who was so vital in our bringing her home. It got a new coat of paint {with the roof and a few other little things still left to do} but the bones are so good. It was built meticulously and has been well loved and very well cared for. The furniture she inherited is some of the most adorable I’ve ever seen from little wardrobes with hangers to a cast-iron mini oven complete with pots and pans. What a treasure to watch my girls adoring this blessing with the BEST story! Beauty from ashes…old made new. 💛 

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