Monday, March 25, 2019

{3 Years Old}

I've been wanting to catch the golden hour light and a warm day...and my littlest busy body for a few photos.  It's kind of a thing in our home to have mommy take 3 year portrait type photos to display in our home...the tender age between babyhood and getting big too quickly.  I found two dresses on sale on consignment still with the tags and knew these would be perfect for photos in the tall grass on some of our land.  My goal was to get mostly photos of Ailee James but since the dresses coordinated we added big sister in there for a few, too!  {As she is ever the poser!}.  We also had some help from Bear and Pappy {Scott's dad} who was over for a visit.

 Gracious, what beauties we get to call ours!  I think we'll be ordering more than one of I just cannot choose a favorite!

Always on a mission!

This is her interpretation of her Daddy's balancing exercises.  :)

Sisters!  I get asked often if they are "real" sisters and the answer is YES!!!  You pinch them and they will scream...they are definitely "real". They are not, however, twins which I get asked more often than I ever thought I would.  They share no DNA and their ancestral heritage is very different from two completely separate countries but they could not be more sisters than if I had birthed them both.  They love and fight and share and sing at bedtime together.  They remind me every single moment that God writes the best stories and love is what makes a family. 

We typically always have her hair pulled up as it tends to just hang in her face but she wanted it down and I just LOVE it in these!

Ever my twirling girl! 

Waving to the goats!

She takes my breath away.

The face I get when I ask her to show me her teeth! :)

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