Wednesday, March 06, 2019

{About that Time!}

Last year, we traveled to get our Dub just a month after her birthday.  In reality, it was crazy fast that her entire adoption process only took 6 months start to I can't really say that I ever thought we'd be there any earlier.  But, it has been super sweet to have her so much of her 2's.  However, she's a smartie pants and knows what this birthday party business is all about now that she's been home nearly 11 months.  She's seen us celebrate and she's more than ready for it to be her turn!  Today, we shopped and got a few things and boy was she ready to come home and bake a cake.  Sweetness!

Well, silly girl, the countdown is ON!  1 week from today and you will be 3!!!  {Although, she's going to be even happier that the party will be even sooner!}

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